Iss National Lab X Adidas Ultra Boost 20 Men Sports GREY/BLUE EG0755


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A runner first, the forthcoming offerings exhibit various enhancements almost solely dedicated to performance alone, tweaking the Boost sole units and even going as far to add TFP to the Primeknit uppers, an added innovation that lays down fibers to the millimeter in an effort to create a lightweight kit that lacks nothing in flexibility and support. Bottoms, though largely unnoticeable in its change, have been optimized to the T, boasting higher energy return with a 3D heel frame acting as a spoiler in the footwear sense. Appearance-wise, however, the profile is largely of the same sleekness as its immediate predecessor, though it switches out the flappy, translucent cages for one of a much sturdier rubber. Toe boxes, though subtle in its touch-up, are adorned with chaotic webbing at its edge, mimicking a toe cap as it hardens its structure to a still comfortable degree. As part of the aforementioned lab, its badge of employment is on full display right along the tongue as a graphic piece of cobranding, satellites, and “BOOST IN SPACE.” Modifications elsewhere can be found in the color of the Boost itself as it dyes in a purple fluorescence that is likely a nod to the final frontier.


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