Adidas Superstar Men Lifestyle CORE BLACK/CORE BLACK/FOX ORANGE FX5538


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The Three Stripes covers two pairs of Superstars in paint splatters, with each pair conveying a different aesthetic. Splashes of primary colors and a hint of dark green are used throughout the white pairs’ body, including the tongue. The Jackson Pollock-like graphics are also applied to the insoles. Gold foil is used to print the branding on the tongue and the Superstar text around the side stripes, which is also seen on the black pair. The paint splatters on the black pair embrace an earthier color palette of army green and beige, along with Fox Orange applied specifically to the blots on the forefoot. Rather than an all-black approach, the shell-toe and midsole are constructed of white rubber. This creates a unique alternative without being a direct opposite to the white colorway.


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